Chapter 20 Answers

I don’t think jacey really understands what’s happening. I feel like all she knows is that their in trouble and she has to listen to Steve. If she was older she would probably know why their in trouble and know she has to save her younger sibling to and that she is responsible for them […]

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Chapter 19 Answers

Steve ended up turning Romero in. He did this anonymously however Romero found out. After going to court Romero got off on a technicality. Which I don’t understand because he owns one of the biggest drug company’s in Canada there is no technicality he literally is breaking the law point blank and got caught he […]

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Chapter 18 Answers

there are a few boring spots in the novel that at the time you think are useless, but when the book finishes it changes your view of a lot of things. Overall I liked the book but the ending is terrible. But if there’s another book then it’s not so bad cause then you will […]

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Chapter 17 Answers

I think Steve and jackets relationship is sweet. Steve dosent blame jacey or have anything against her, he really cares about and likes her. The book shows how the most broken and troubled family’s can come together. Espically it it’s life or death and how even the worst situations can become better than they were […]

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Chapter 16 Answer

I think the letter does make a difference because, it shows him his moms point of view. It talks about her reasoning. The letter makes Steve understand that his mom feels like she messed up. Also that Steve now knows his life didn’t have to be like that. But he knows he’s the one who […]

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Chapter 15 Answers

No, it’s not realistic for jacket to think that, for her to think that somebody would have had to have treated her like that in the past. Such as her step-father? Jacey you can tell us very strong and opinionated especially for a 8 year old (I think she’s 8 ish). She voices her opinion […]

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Chapter 14 Answers

in 2017 it is not uncommon for in planned pregnancy to occur. There are many diffrent options other that the path that steves parents chose. Such as adoption, single parenthood, obortion, or you don’t have to get married. If you don’t feel ready to be married don’t get married just because your haveing a kid […]

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